Dior capture cushion

dior capture cushion

If you have very oily skin, you might need a mattifying primer and if you have very dry skin, i suggest using a rich moisturizer to sooth your skin first. I think this cushion is great for those with slightly oily to slightly dry skin. However, if your skin is on the either extreme, it wont be enough to meet your concerns. I hope i have covered everything. If theres anything you want to know (which ive left out please ask me in the comments below!

In the unretouched photos below, youll see that avene my skins sallowness and redness are covered. It also reduced some light spots, but I do need a separate under eye concealer. If I had angry spots, i know I will need a separate concealer. However, Im happy with what this cushion haar does. It evens out my skin tone with no trace of foundation no flakes, no lines, no seeping into pores and no cakeyness. You can see in the close up that I provided below as well. I only used the cushion and nothing else. Id also like to mention that this cushion goes on slightly dewy, like you have just applied a light moisturizer. It stays that way, hours after applying. I have normal to slightly dry skin, but the area around my nose where the pores are, is slightly oily. This cushion balances out my skin hydrates where its dry and mattifies where its slightly oily.

dior capture cushion
must be pristine, you see i tried storing the compact upside down but that didnt work. So, i used a tweezer to flip the cushion itself. It was ok for a little while, but the foundation does tend to want to sit at the bottom. This might not bother you, but it does. I dont know what else to do to mitigate this situation, but hey, cushion engineers, can you please improve on this? The foundation goes on to the skin undetectable. It has light to at most medium coverage, so if you prefer high coverage foundations, this is not for you. However, you can always apply your high coverage foundation at home, and use this cushion as your on the go touch up compact.
dior capture cushion

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Back to the cushion itself. The packaging is just like any other weleda cushions I have tried. It comes with a refill which is good because some western brands dont offer that. There are only 3 shades available, and I find that they only accommodate those with medium to fair skin tones. It seems like this launch is only targeted at selected markets. Perhaps if the response is good, they might launch other shades, who knows? The cushion itself is saturated with the foundation but I notice the foundation sits at the bottom of the cushion. So, i have to be sure to press hard so that the foundation is transferred onto the sponge applicator.

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dior capture cushion

On the left is the box of the cushion compact that also contains 1 refill (because dior sells refills! So what about the dior Capture totale Dreamskin Perfect skin Cushion? Dior Capture totale Dreamskin Advanced. Size: 1 oz/. Suggested Usage: -Using the applicator, press down lightly onto pre-saturated cushion sponge. Dreamskin Perfect skin Cushion is the first youth skincare perfect complexion creator. Dior Capture totale n 040 miel/Honey beige spf 25.

We wont be complaining about the price, because i think ive established a long time ago that dior is a luxury acne brand and theyre not going to pretend things are cheap and affordable. Back to the cushion.shoppingListJS) shoppingListjs new ShoppingListJS(storeId: '11352 catalogId: '28501 langId: '-1 id: '1878268 name: 'dior capture totale dreamskin Cushion foundation Refill 15g'. I love dior foundation and complexion products so i was very excited to try this dior cushion foundation from the capture totale franchise especially because it has spf 50! All skin Types dior Capture totale eye treatments masks). "Belotero balance spreads out. 's Ochtends komt er iemand helpen bij wassen en aankleden, en verder komen ze nog twee/drie keer per dag om met "te helpen bij de toiletgang".

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Dior Capture totale Dreamskin Perfect skin Cushion Swatch 020, swatch 020, before after, before: Before. After: After, i actually used the, real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply this because i like to buff foundation into the skin. The applicator it comes with is great light for top ups on the go where you can gently press it over your makeup. It gives the skin a very natural, yet perfected finish which I love. It feels light and comfortable and you hardly know you have anything on the skin which is incredible considering it has spf 50 uv protection. Also included in the box is a refill cushion which will be available separately for when you need more. This is good news considering the dior Cushion foundation compact and refill. It is super pricey but you do get a spare and its super beautiful; most probably the only foundation Ill be taking away this summer. Dior Capture totale Dreamskin Perfect skin Cushion is available here in the.

dior capture cushion

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Uv spf 50 filters, longwear hold, next generation powders control sebum. Neutralises shine and sanddorn redness, deliver matte finish with radiance, colour stays true all day. Can be layered and touched up without caking. Airtight case preserves the formula, sold with an extra cushion, three shades. Suitable for all ages and skin types. As this product is formulated with tone adaptive technology, there are just three shades which promise to match up to all skin tones. I have the middle shade, 020, which works for me, although i am thinking that the lighter one would be even better.

I love dior foundation and complexion products so i was very excited to try this dior cushion foundation from the capture totale franchise especially because it has spf 50! Heres an in-depth look at the upcoming dior Capture totale Dreamskin Perfect skin Cushion spf50. Dior Capture totale Dreamskin Perfect skin Cushion foundation review. Theres a whole lot going on with this foundation. It uses sophisticated air cushion technology, delivers significant skincare and anti-ageing benefits and evens out and unifies the complexion using biomimetic ingredients that can mimic the natural pigment of the skin. Dior Capture totale Dreamskin Perfect skin Cushion features. Ultra fine aqua texture, soothes and hydrates the skin, powerful active ingredients: Longoza and Opilia for anti-ageing. Combat products lines, dark spots, redness and dullnes. Colour adapts for a unique result for all skin tones.

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Dior Capture totale Dreamskin Perfect skin Cushion (RM280) is the second cushion launched here in Asia, but the first ever worldwide. This cushion promises to refine skin texture, reduce spots and redness, and smooth, unify and firm the skin. It is lightweight yet long lasting, protects (SPF50) and hydrates. Marketed night for everyone, for all ages and skin types, this hybrid complexion skincare is touted to be an anti ageing skincare and cushion foundation in one. I have been using this for the past couple of months so let me tell you how it performs. Shall I start with the good or the bad? Lets end on a good note, so let me first tell you about some of the things that didnt strike my fancy. We wont be complaining about the price, because i think ive established a long time ago that dior is a luxury brand and theyre not going to pretend things are cheap and affordable.

Dior capture cushion
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